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A new encounter is always filled with mixed feelings.

Fear ,risk, playfulness and the excitement of discovery.

If this is true on an emotional level, it is even more so in the body. This is the starting point for the work with the BTT dancers, a group also at the beginning of journey together: the discovery of differences, but also the uncovering of the things that make us similar and unite us. 
As an artist my main interest is the encounter between language (verbal, choreographic and visual) and the reality of the human body. What is the consequence of the symbol on the flesh? 
After a decade of experience as a dancer, at the service of other choreographers, I have for some years been experimenting with the effect of my movement on the Other, writing and composing gesture on bodies other than mine; I sense that dance can offer, by its own nature, an exercise in dialogue, not necessarily aimed at mutual understanding but allowing the acceptance of difference on a ground level. 


A group like the one created by BTT performers is the ideal terrain for this type of exploration; a world in which similar and opposite coexist, and logic and incongruity are only two sides of the same coin. 

Andrea Costanzo Martini





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