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Length : 25 mn


Music: Andrea Martini, Natacha Atlas, Marty Robbins


Video Performer:Mami Shimazaki

Video Artist: Yoav Barel

Original light design: Yoav Barel

Costumes: Nir Benita


Trop deals with the power balance relationship that is established in the performative act
between the performer ,the audience and an outside world made of symbols and images
peeping into the stage through their own unique channel.
The tension between these elements informs the movement and the action on stage.
When is the performer in charge and when is he not?
When is he in power and when is he controlled?
And can he find intimacy, silence and peace despite the crushing pressure?
This piece is short journey through a forest of messages and informations where the body
stands as an anchor in between , the one tangible reality that posses his own will, needs
and desires.
A one man show where flesh and bones are the real talker.


Length : 25 mn


Original light design and video: Yoav Barel

Costumes: Nir Benita
Music: Andrea Martini, Natacha Atlas, Marty Robbins

Dance: Andrea Costanzo Martini

Actor in video: Mami Shimazaki

Coproduced and with the support of:
Pavillon Noir, Aix-en-Provence / Zurich Tanzhaus / MAAT festival Lublin / Suzan Dellal
Center / Centrum Kultury w Lublinie / Tmuna Theater Tel Aviv / Hateiva Theater

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