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Length: 25 mn


Musics: Oren Ambarchi, Bach,The Swinger Singers,



Dancers: Adi Weinberg,

Andrea Costanzo Martini


Video: Yoav Barel


With the support and help of:

Fondazione Teatro Piemonte Europa, Tanzhaus Zürich, Mara Serina


Premiere: July 2015



Voglio Voglia is a site specific duet created for the Ballroom of the "Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi", one of the many residencies of the Italian Royal family, the Savoia, as part of the TEATRO A CORTE Festival directed by Beppe Navello.

The duet deals with the imaginary and audible memories that the room and the site evoke in the viewer. Sounds of gutted beasts, exotic birds, enraged elephants intertwine with the voices of two misterious characters, "Signora" and "Ambrogio", whose whispers explore the empty hidden places of the space.

An exotic yet very formal dance sparks out between this forest of sounds and the dancers that play with the tension between what is measured and calibrated and the hunger for movement.

The result is a multi-dimensional experience of an excess of abundance, a live exploration of italian Baroque.

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