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Emotional mimicry is the process by which we understand the other's emotion by mimicking their expression or movement.

The road to the other passes, even before language, through their face and the joy, fear, disgust, curiosity, anger sadness it expresses.

The performance/exhibition of feelings outwards helps us navigate, understand and express our needs to one another. But could they also be controlled and virtuosically manipulated to one's advantage?

In this short piece, three dancers embark on a shared journey with the audience, travelling throughout the stage in the search of intimacy, love and most of all recognition, at any cost.

Choreography:   Andrea Costanzo Martini

Performers:          Gary Reagan, Alexandria Clair

                              Zina Nichenko

Dramaturgy:        Yael Biegon-Citron

Musics:                  A. Badalamenti, Pierre Bastien,                                  Giacinto Scelsi, C. Gluck

Costumes:           Shira Weiss

Light Design:        Yoav Barel -Studio LaVoile

Produced by:       Curtain Up Festival Israel

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