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Première” by Andrea Costanzo Martini contemplates the question: Why do we dance? This query arises prior to every creative endeavor, and the answer unfolds in unexpected instances – fleeting fragments and glimpses of an indefinable sensation. These are moments when we grasp a deeper understanding of ourselves, recognizing our infinitesimal place within a vast cosmic design. “Première” is born from the convergence of Andrea Costanzo Martini and the dancers of Balletto di Roma, fueled by fascination for these young artists who pursue movement as both a personal emotion and a collective need. The production pays tribute to humanity, celebrating the distinct and irreplicable traits of individuals, ranging from their most delicate to their most fierce aspects. What cosmic alignment allowed them to stand on this stage, ready to offer something for us, the audience? As the performance unfolds, taking us through uplifting dances in the glow of bonfires, tempestuous sequences, moments of serene beauty, and moments of intense frenzy, “Première” unveils the dance company as akin to a village, a tribe, whose fundamental necessities find fulfillment through codes and rules, reminiscent of the interplay of light and shadow on a theatrical stage. The context of the pandemic magnifies these themes, arising from a prolonged hiatus away from theaters, prompting the spontaneous query: How do we reclaim the stage? What compels us to showcase ourselves to the public gaze? What elements do we share, and what facets of our being become impossible to conceal when we are on stage? “Première” evolves into a ritual, woven with touching and impassioned applause – the sole point of interaction between the artists and the yearning audience.

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