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Two men, a wall, a television, an inflatable palm.

Messages coming from far, clear and yet impossible to deciphrate, as ununderstandable as the intentions of the other person in the room.

This duet deals with the organization of random symbols into a possible meaning and with the physical answers that the body of the performer goes through when trying to measure himself with what he doesn't know. Like a radio transmission in a foreign yet sharp and clear language, can movement convey a feeling without describing a situation or an action? And can structure itself hold sense emptied of meaning?

Can we at all communicate? And if yes, do we know what we are saying?


Lenght: 35 mn


Performed by: Matan Daskal, Andrea Costanzo Martini


Lighting and video: Yoav Barel


Musics: Natasha Atlas, Marty Robbins, A.C.Martini.


Voiceover: Rosalind Noctor, Mami Shimazaki


Created with the generous support  and help of: Centre Choréographique National Aix-En-Provence\Ballet Preljocaj,

TanzHaus Zürich, Hateiva Theater, Centrum Kultury Lublin, Suzan Dellal Center


Premiere: November 2014

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