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What Happened in Torino

Music: Arvo Part, Moondog, Andrea Costanzo Martini
Light Design: Yoav Barel
Duration: 13 minutes
Premiere: 2013


"What Happened in Torino” was created in the early 2013 and
premiered at the International Tanz Solo Festival in Stuttgart in March of that year where it was
awarded first prize for both dance and choreography.

The work focuses on the relationship between the body of the performer and the act of being on stage, in a struggle between the search for presence and the feeling of being trapped.
Andrea in this work deals with the Gaze of the other, and on how it affects his way of being.
Being watched as a trigger for pleasure but also as a petrifying force that holds him on place,
under the lights , against his will.
Dramaturgically the piece evolves around a text inspired by an Italian tv sale woman from the 90’s
placing the work in a very precise contest, however not dictating the aesthetics of the movements.

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