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31st of January.

Today I realise i've been in the same place for more than a month and that hasn't happened for more than 2 years. Tel Aviv is my home.

Soon I will catch a flight again to go to Torino, also home (somehow), an other home. Home because i grew up there, home because I keep on coming back, home because I feel loved (Lavanderia a Vapore, PDV, NOD, MCF Belfioredanza, BTT, Sarah, family).

This time i come back to show a work that meant the world to me. INTRO started as a collaboration between the Network AnticorpiXL, Balletto di Roma and myself. Exactly a year ago I was approached by Giulia Melandri with the great proposition to create for the BDR in September. I hesitated at first. 2018 was already overbooked, Balletto di Roma is a great company (scary) and the only available period was sandwiched between many other shows; but temptation was bigger. I started this process from nothing. Until the night before the first rehearsal the only thing i knew was that I would work with four boys (I needed some kind of limit). At around 11pm I was walking around Vatican City ... half panicking. What will I do?

And then I met them... Riccardo, Simone, Mateo and Paolo.

And Roberta (the right and left hand of this project).

And like in a dream things just unfolded on their own. Movement, atmospheres, playfulness and most of all the pure joy and desire to move.

20 minutes of delicacy and vulnerability.

Anna Altobello joined us later on to offer her beautiful eyes and words to the work.I am so grateful.On the 9th of feb we will show the work in Collegno, Lavanderia a Vapore. My family will come to see. I am always more nervous when they are there. I come home to show why I am away.

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