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Two weeks to go

The debut of my new work is getting closer.

Exciting, scary, fun, exhausting. So many things are finally coming together.

The piece will be part of Curtain Up Festival and it is so amazing to see how all the other artists are beginning to share images and videos of their inspiring creations. About two weeks ago we all gathered in one place and showed one an other the results of these few months processes. I am in awe of the amount of talent and dedication people carry in them. Incredible dancers and performers pouring their skills and intuition out. What I think is so special about this year’s edition is the feeling of intimacy that these works are offering, something we’ve been so craving for for and that we are finally claiming back.

Specifically in my own process, together with Alex, Zina and Gary I wanted to tap into some aspects of the act of performance that are very dear to me. What do we want when we are on stage? What do we need? How much are we demanding from the audience and what are we really asking them? Who is in control? Are we ever in control? Can we truly share a feeling? Dana Ruttenberg, the festival’s director together with Oded Graf, told me “It’s interesting that even when they (dancers) delete their expressions, they still can’t delete their face”. I’ve been thinking a lot about that… In a way even when we are lying, acting, performing there is something that can’t be concealed. We can’t lie, or better, even with a lie we are still telling the truth.

Few more rehearsals, the last small (I promise) changes and we are good to go

for this first round of shows.

I feel this work has so much potential ready to be unveiled through the meeting with a real audience and hopefully in 2022 we will expand it and dig even deeper into

it, but for now…here we are.

Get ready, the mood shifters are coming!

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